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All packed up and places to go

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25 March 09 (02:21 am)
Latitude – 16°48’20.36″S
Longitude – 145°43’15.41″E

Ugly job of packing a whole house into storageUgly job of packing a whole house into storage

The house is empty. Well, almost. The removalists efficiently packed our furniture into their truck, and in two hours flat, had everything in storage. It pays to hire the experts and not have to do the heavy lifting ourselves, and break our backs in the process!  We’ve taken stills to see the “moving” sequences. Our office and kitchen are still intact, and the two storage spaces we’re renting for the year are almost full to the brim!

We still have not allowed ourselves to feel the weight of this expedition’s immense importance, but soon, we shall be facing it. Our flights are booked, and we’re off to the Philippines via Hong Kong on April 4.

Preparing for our year in the wide-open spaces of the Coral Triangle is like fast-tracking our Christmas with the arrival of goodies.

  • Some of our last pieces of camera equipment arrived today and some more are yet to come. One week to go!
  • My new digital voice recorder is smiling at me from my desk
  • The very nice Garmin Oregon GPS arrived last week, and it’s oh-so-user friendly
  • Our important Scubapro dive gear had to be thought through properly, so we could bring only what’s essential and ALL packed in one huge bag!
  • The camera gear is now taking shape nicely
Creating another gadget to add to the excess luggageCreating another gadget to add to the excess luggage

Yogi’s filing away in the almost empty workshop garage, creating one or two last gadgets to bring. His mechanical engineer’s hat is on, and the creation of a remote monitor will soon be finished. We’re making sure we’re lean and mean for this expedition.

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