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Box Jellyfish Hunt

10 April 2009 N9 44.662 E118 43.701 Puerto Princesa Pier Again had lovely breakfast with Angelique, Norman and their son Nathan Songco. Their house is just so lovely and a squirrel decided to pass us by hopping from tree to tree. Not everything with four legs gets eaten in the Philippines, as is the common knowledge. […]

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Maundy Thursday in Puerto Princesa

9 April 2009 N9 44.477 E118 44.165 Puerto Princesa Wet Market We arrived Puerto early evening of the 8th and immediately after checking in, were whisked away by our friend Angelique Songco, boss woman of Tubbataha Marine Park, to dinner at Ka Lui’s. Our host for the evening was Rolando “Boy” Bonoan, the Palawan Provincial […]

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Hong Kong Eating

6 April 2009 N22 17.472 E114 14.312 Live Reef Fish Trade It was simply glorious to finally go to sleep without worrying about storage. We can now start working. Working in Hong Kong meant starting our day looking for the nearest busiest “Yam Cha” or dimsum breakfast. It is after all, all about FOOD. With […]

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Goodbye Yorkeys

03 April 09 (22:09) Latitude – 16°48’20.36″S Longitude – 145°43’15.41″E At the eve of our departure, the neighbor’s music blares and we think to ourselves, good riddance.  This is the last night we will sleep in this house and we’re so happy.  Can’t wait to get out of here and we are off tomorrow!  This […]

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