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Kudat, Malaysia: The Faces of a Marine Park

By Alya B. Honsasan In the Kudat-Banggi Priority Conservation Area (PCA) in Sabah, Malaysia, fish is a big deal. You see it everywhere, from the fish cages outside settlements like Tampakan and Sibogo, to the dozens of trawlers and purse seiners docked at the harbor, equipped with large fishing nets and bringing in large quantities […]

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WWF Malaysia in Kudat-Banggi Priority Conservation Area

25 – 30 June N6 52.810 E116 50.728 – Kudat Harbour N7 12.540 E117 18.716 – Pulau Banggi The efficient WWF Malaysia machinery was immediately felt when I started getting a series of text messages regarding transport, hotel accommodations and our overall visit to Kudat from Betty of the WWF KK office. Then Sofia Johari, the CEPA […]

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Seven Days of Bliss in Sipadan

16 – 25 June 2009 N4 07.051 E118 37.655   Yogi nagged and nagged me about Sipadan. “I need time underwater!” he says. “Don’t cut short my diving time!” He needed to nag because I have a habit of prioritizing land shoots.  Listening to the demanding husband, I booked us 10 days and 9 nights […]

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Turtle Love – Sipadan Malaysia

By Alya B. Honsasan 23 – 25 June  2009 N4 07.051 E118 37.655 I SHOULD have gotten the hint when I did my check-out dive the afternoon I arrived at the Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART) on Mabul Island, one of the two islands within view of Sipadan. On that relaxed 40-minute dive in Paradise 2 […]

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