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Misool Eco Resort, South Raja Ampat

11 – 16 January 2010 It feels like such a great reward to be here in Misool Eco Resort, after our tuna adventure during the Christmas holidays. We have been traveling intensely for this expedition for about 10 months now and have covered quite some WWF work in the field as well as fishing and […]

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New Year and Renewed Attention to the Blog!

16 January 2010 After  the busy Copenhagen Conference last year and the holiday season break, our friends in WWF International On-line & Communications Department have now the time to add new things into our blog and have put it in the main Panda.org homepage! Whoopy! Thanks guys for pushing more readers to check out the […]

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Edi Frommenwiler, Pindito and Raja Ampat

Edi Frommenwiler Movie “Wild Eye of Raja Ampat” on YouTube 15 years ago, when Yogi quit his office job as industrial photographer of MTU in Munich and became a fulltime freelance photojournalist, he embarked on a one-year self-funded expedition to Christmas Island and the Coral Triangle – Indonesia, Sabah & the Philippines. He spent a […]

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