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Freunds Land in Fiji

Dreams Do Come True – Freunds Land in Fiji

This has got to be the 50th time I’ve pinched myself since speaking to Stella and Jürgen about a month ago. The realization that the ‘Deities of Photography’ are actually going to be here in Fiji, capturing the essence of paradise and the hidden gem of the South Pacific, hasn’t yet set. My heart skipped […]

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Photography in the Coral Triangle – by Jürgen Freund

April 2009 – September 2010 In 1995, when I was a fresh full-time wildlife photographer – after quitting my Industrial Photography day job of many years,  I went for 12 months on my very own photographic expedition through the Coral Triangle. I first visited Christmas Island, Australia for half a year to document the red […]

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Reef Mother

Angelique Songco manages the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in Palawan with a lot of passion It’s late one summer morning, the sun is illuminating the crystal-clear waters of the magnificent Sulu Sea—and it’s a fierce war zone in the 4,737-hectare lagoon of the North Atoll of  the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in Palawan, the Philippines. Above […]

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COTS Once More and So Long Ranger Station

21 April 2009 N8 51.086 E119 55.042 The guests onboard Oceana Maria joined in gathering COTS. Among them was Luli Arroyo, the Philippine President’s daughter and Southeast Asia Policy Officer for WWF Coral Triangle Programme. The fervor did not abate and as the stabbing sticks were not enough, rangers watched as we all gathered. Alya […]

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Hong Kong Eating

6 April 2009 N22 17.472 E114 14.312 Live Reef Fish Trade It was simply glorious to finally go to sleep without worrying about storage. We can now start working. Working in Hong Kong meant starting our day looking for the nearest busiest “Yam Cha” or dimsum breakfast. It is after all, all about FOOD. With […]

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Goodbye Yorkeys

03 April 09 (22:09) Latitude – 16°48’20.36″S Longitude – 145°43’15.41″E At the eve of our departure, the neighbor’s music blares and we think to ourselves, good riddance.  This is the last night we will sleep in this house and we’re so happy.  Can’t wait to get out of here and we are off tomorrow!  This […]

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All packed up and places to go

25 March 09 (02:21 am) Latitude – 16°48’20.36″S Longitude – 145°43’15.41″E The house is empty. Well, almost. The removalists efficiently packed our furniture into their truck, and in two hours flat, had everything in storage. It pays to hire the experts and not have to do the heavy lifting ourselves, and break our backs in […]

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Yorkey’s Knob, Cairns (home)

3 March 09 (00:15 am) Latitude – 16°48’20.36″S Longitude – 145°43’15.41″E This is the second night in a row I could not fall asleep.  The clock is ticking and the days are rushing and before I know it, it’s time to leave. We are preparing to pack our entire household and put everything in storage […]

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