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Life in a Fishing Village

27/28 April 2009 N10 16.195 E119 29.038 We spent an enlightening day and night on Green Island, Palawan. About 2,000 people, children included, live there. There are 360 households, and if you do the math, that’s about an average of 5.5 people per household.  One family has 14 children! You could walk this small, elongated fishing village […]

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COTS Once More and So Long Ranger Station

21 April 2009 N8 51.086 E119 55.042 The guests onboard Oceana Maria joined in gathering COTS. Among them was Luli Arroyo, the Philippine President’s daughter and Southeast Asia Policy Officer for WWF Coral Triangle Programme. The fervor did not abate and as the stabbing sticks were not enough, rangers watched as we all gathered. Alya […]

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Rangers and Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

20 April 2009  N8 55.799 E119 59.790 Order of the day was an early morning group picture of the rangers with manager Angelique and WWF expedition visitors Alya, Yogi & I. After breakfast, we photographed WWF ranger Choy and TMO ranger Manny diving a coral reef near the station. They monitored through transects the health […]

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The Tubbataha Rangers

16 April 2009 N8 51.086 E119 55.042 Rangers – NAVY  Team Leader: Elmer “Jhing” F. de los Santos Secille G. Balot     Romeo “Romy” O. Bellezo    Richard C. Iglesias Rangers – TMO (Tubbataha Management Office)   Segundo “Seconds” F. Conales Jr. Noel “Manny” A. Bundal Ranger – WWF Philippines   Eulalio “Choy” D. Calagui Jr. Rangers […]

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