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The Batuna Family

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18 October 2009

N1 27.604 E124 45.671 – Murex Dve Resort

About 15 years ago, Yogi dove and dove and dove for two straight months with Murex Dive Resort and Liveaboard in North Sulawesi. During this period, he contracted dengue fever and got a special visit from Murex’s very owner, the gentle, soft-spoken Dr. Batuna. His verdict was, “You’ll live.” So when Yogi indeed survived the ordeal, and he went diving again!

Dr. Hanny Batuna the pioneer in diving North SulawesiDr. Hanny Batuna, the pioneer in diving North Sulawesi

Murex was founded in 1987 by Dr. Hanny Batuna and Mrs. Batuna. Dr. Hanny was a keen recreational diver and one of the first conservationists in the area. Their daughter, Angelique Batuna, followed in her father’s footsteps and worked as a Project Manager for WWF Indonesia on the Bunaken National Park Project.

Here are the second and third generation Batunas enjoying a day out on their doorstep, diving and swimming Bunaken National Park. Angelique and husband Danny Charlton have three beautiful children, Alexandra and twins Samantha and Andrew.

To continue with the family tradition, Danny and Angelique are the hardworking operators of Lembeh Divers in Lembeh Resort and the pioneering explorers of Buyat Bay.

Angelique with her children Samantha, Alexandra & AndrewAngelique with her children Samantha, Alexandra & Andrew Angelique with the third generation Batuna/Carlton water babies Angelique with the third generation Batuna/Carlton water babies

Mommy Angelique with eldest daughter 6 year old Lexa on her 4th dive!Mommy Angelique with eldest daughter 8 year old Lexy on her 4th dive!

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  • http://www.panda.org/coraltriangle Lida Pet-Soede

    Finally tk time to check out all the updates, they are amazing, I wish I was there! Especially to see Angelique and the beautiful waterbabies, great shot of Lexi and Angelique diving Bunaken reefs!