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Jacana Tuna Fish Landing

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22/23/24 April 2009

N9 43.424 E118 45.818

Now back on land with all our gear full of salt, we shifted gears and spent slow quality time cleaning and maintaining our stuff. We also had to re-energize and plan our next Palawan trips to Roxas, Taytay and El Nido.  Still with swollen fingers, Alya flew back to Manila early evening of the 22nd.

Tuna heavier than the man carrying it!Tuna heavier than the man carrying it!

By the 23rd, we were ready to check out Puerto Princesa. We went to a tuna landing port we had visited 3 years ago. From 9 to 11 am, all sizes of tuna from small, medium to large landed, were graded and sold for 65 pesos a kilo for the “local” market. If the fish was graded A, B or C, these get shipped to the Japanese market.

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  • Andy

    Wow, that’s some tuna. Is that fully grown or do they get any bigger? I also suppose they were caught with a hook and line.

  • Emma Fung

    Wow — how much did that one weigh, any idea?

    65 pesos is nothing compared to what we pay for it here in HK. I’ve just returned from Lembeh strait – and see you’re heading there in October. Will follow your posts with interest and have put NAD Lembeh management team on your trail as well.

    Dive safe, Ems

  • ash

    wowOOOOOOooooWWWWWW……………What a Big Fish is This Is it Real?