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New Year and Renewed Attention to the Blog!

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16 January 2010

After  the busy Copenhagen Conference last year and the holiday season break, our friends in WWF International On-line & Communications Department have now the time to add new things into our blog and have put it in the main Panda.org homepage! Whoopy! Thanks guys for pushing more readers to check out the amazing Coral Triangle.

The photo gallery is starting to be active again and there are some free wallpapers which are available for download. Check it out!

We would also love to hear your comments. In our long weary travels throughout this fantastic ecoregion, email, Facebook and our blog are our only link to the outside world, our friends & family. Hearing your comments really makes us feel connected. It keeps us chirpy and happy – you cannot imagine how much . . .

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  • Robert

    Hey, I’m commenting to keep you CHIRPY. . . I reckon chirpy is going to be better than whatever you call that with the little hat on and the funny smile and that been-out-to-sea-too-long look you’ve got there. And Yogi definitely looks like he could use a bit of chirp.

    But great shots of the guys catching the tuna, love the split surface shot with the sharp fins as he’s pulling the fish up into the boat.

    All’s well here and wish you were able to come and sit on the verandah and eat beans and have some watermelon with us.

    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Robert

  • Eoin O Clerigh

    Hi there, Folks!
    Good to see things ticking along 🙂 Hope you’re both doing fine. Snow dusting down again here as I review images of the last month and smile. Hope to share a breakfast table again with you someplace (at least) half as nice as the Pindito!

  • Richard Wechsler

    Hi Stgella and Yogi!

    Great meeting you guys at MER! Now back in the cold and contemplating going back to work. Tough choice!

    Keep up your great work and stay in touch. Looking forward to your photos from MER!

    Lots of love and best wishes,