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Papua New Guinea - West New Britain

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Critters of Kimbe Bay and Witu Islands

13 May – 3 June 2010 S5 17.581 E150 06.236 – Restorf Island, Kimbe Bay S4 41.825 E149 26.761 – Dickie’s Place, Witu Islands The many shoals and sea mounts in Kimbe Bay are popular to many divers in the lookout for sharks, schooling fish in the blue and some tunas passing through. But one […]

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Legendary FeBrina liveaboard in Father’s Reef and Witu Island, Kimbe Bay

25 May – 3 June 2009 S5 09.428 E150 17.931 – Brandford Shoal, Kimbe Bay S5 02.328 E150 56.122 – Kilibob’s Knob, Father’s, Kimbe Bay S4 41.825 E149 26.761 – Dickie’s Place, Garove Island, Witu Islands Alan Raabe is the well loved captain of one of the world’s best known liveboards. He is Australian and has […]

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Walindi Plantation Resort, Kimbe Bay, PNG

13 – 25 May 2010 S5 26.191 E150 05.263 – Walindi Plantation Resort Australians Max and his wife Cecilie were agriculturists when they bought an oil palm plantation in West New Britain, PNG in 1969.  The Benjamins’ plantation is an 800 acre property along the western shore of Kimbe Bay. Running through the property is a […]

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Mahonia Na Dari – Guardians of the Sea – Kimbe Bay, PNG

Many thanks to Tansy Bliss’ text below, we are able to tell you through her writing and Yogi’s photos how brilliant this local NGO is at the heart of Kimbe Bay, West New Britain. Tansy is a naturalist and the Eco-tourism Officer of  Mahonia Na Dari. By Tansy Bliss Mahonia Na Dari Research and Conservation […]

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Beautiful Walindi, Kimbe Bay, West New Britain, PNG

13 – 25 May 2010 S5 26.191 E150 05.263 – Walindi Plantation Resort This is Yogi’s fourth and my third time in Walindi Plantation Resort. Needless to say, we simply adore it here. After diving many great spots in Asia during this expedition, we ask ourselves, do we still love it here? The answer is […]

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