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Philippines - Mindoro

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Newest Dive Resort in Mindoro – Apo Reef Club

15 – 22 March 2010 N12 39.856 E120 53.266 – Apo Reef Club Guenter Taus was my dive instructor for my PADI advance course many years ago. He also is part owner of Occidental Mindoro’s newest dive resort called Apo Reef Club. Michi Roos is the founder and operations manager of this resort in the […]

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Apo Reef with Apo Reef Club, Mindoro, Philippines

15 – 22 March 2010 N12 39.856 E120 53.266 – Apo Reef Club N12 39.463 E120 25.137 – Apo Reef With the expedition team complete with our writer Alya Honasan, our first Philippine journey for this leg was to Apo Reef.  We spent a few days and nights on a quaint Philippine style liveaboard named […]

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Dry Lands and Effects of Climate Change in Mindoro, Philippines

18 March 2010 N12 50.447 E120 46.465 We spent a whirlwind day traveling Mindoro on rocky roads from Concepcion to Mamburao to Sablayan back to Concepcion. It was from an early tuna festival activity at 7 in the morning to visiting Sablayan villages affected by climate change. Mindoro is the seventh-largest island in the Philippines. It […]

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