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Malaysia - Semporna, Sipadan, Mabul

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WWF CT Business Summit Photo Exhibition in Manila

19 – 20 January 2010 Sometime early November last year, we got an email from Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader to discuss an idea of having a photo exhibition of our expedition in Manila during the first WWF Coral Triangle Business Summit in January 2010. We knew this was going to be […]

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Singapore Slideshow!

If you happen to be in Singapore on October 27 with nothing to do at 7 pm, join us at the Botanical Gardens, as we shall be presenting our expedition so far through a 40-minute slideshow. Here’s WWF Singapore’s leaflet-invitation to announce the event!

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Seven Days of Bliss in Sipadan

16 – 25 June 2009 N4 07.051 E118 37.655   Yogi nagged and nagged me about Sipadan. “I need time underwater!” he says. “Don’t cut short my diving time!” He needed to nag because I have a habit of prioritizing land shoots.  Listening to the demanding husband, I booked us 10 days and 9 nights […]

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Turtle Love – Sipadan Malaysia

By Alya B. Honsasan 23 – 25 June  2009 N4 07.051 E118 37.655 I SHOULD have gotten the hint when I did my check-out dive the afternoon I arrived at the Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART) on Mabul Island, one of the two islands within view of Sipadan. On that relaxed 40-minute dive in Paradise 2 […]

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Giant Clams Spawning, Seaweed Farming, Fisheries

11 – 15 June N4 36.021 E118 46.884 – Pulau Bohey Dulang N4 37.586 E118 38.830 – Seaweed farming community N4 44.678 E118 40.712 – Purse Seiner fishing grounds Maybe it was our good vibes and positive aura.  We got lucky this time in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. On to the second leg of our expedition, […]

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