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See how the people and species of the Coral Triangle are struggling to adapt to rising sea temperatures and sea levels.

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Club Ocellaris in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

27 – 31 March 2010 N13 44.441 E120 53.580 The charming clownfish finds a symbolic home out of water in this quaint dive resort by the sea in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas.  Club Ocellaris is where I first entered the water with a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and Boy Venus was there to teach and introduce […]

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Dry Lands and Effects of Climate Change in Mindoro, Philippines

18 March 2010 N12 50.447 E120 46.465 We spent a whirlwind day traveling Mindoro on rocky roads from Concepcion to Mamburao to Sablayan back to Concepcion. It was from an early tuna festival activity at 7 in the morning to visiting Sablayan villages affected by climate change. Mindoro is the seventh-largest island in the Philippines. It […]

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Landscapes and Seascapes of Raja Ampat

8 – 27 February 2010 S0 33.344 E130 41.075 – Sorido Bay Resort S0 25.645 E130 33.704 – The Passage between Gam & Waigeo S0 30.920 E130 27.736 – Yambraimuk blue water mangroves While we were in North Raja Ampat, we were incredibly fortunate to have professional photographers and videographers Claudia & Leon Joubert document […]

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WWF CT Business Summit Photo Exhibition in Manila

19 – 20 January 2010 Sometime early November last year, we got an email from Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader to discuss an idea of having a photo exhibition of our expedition in Manila during the first WWF Coral Triangle Business Summit in January 2010. We knew this was going to be […]

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Bali, Indonesia: Hope in Paradise

By Alya B. Honsasan IT was serendipitous that an important meeting of Coral Triangle partners was going on in Bali at the same time we visited, as scientists, conservation experts, and government representatives from all over the world gathered to work out plans of action. That meant that a whole battery of experts was ready […]

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Remote Expedition to West Papua, Indonesia

23 – 29 July 2009 S0 44.182 E131 34.905 – Um Island S0 21.590 E132 32.088 – Batu Rumah We have been planning this part of our expedition since before we left Australia for Asia four months ago. When we found out that WWF Indonesia had a project site for leatherback turtles, we zeroed in […]

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Kudat, Malaysia: The Faces of a Marine Park

By Alya B. Honsasan In the Kudat-Banggi Priority Conservation Area (PCA) in Sabah, Malaysia, fish is a big deal. You see it everywhere, from the fish cages outside settlements like Tampakan and Sibogo, to the dozens of trawlers and purse seiners docked at the harbor, equipped with large fishing nets and bringing in large quantities […]

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Seven Days of Bliss in Sipadan

16 – 25 June 2009 N4 07.051 E118 37.655   Yogi nagged and nagged me about Sipadan. “I need time underwater!” he says. “Don’t cut short my diving time!” He needed to nag because I have a habit of prioritizing land shoots.  Listening to the demanding husband, I booked us 10 days and 9 nights […]

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Aerials, Slash and Burn, Seaweed Farming, and Pearl Farmers After Office Hours

11 – 15 May 2009 N11 08.170 E119 39.287 Our pilot was none other than Jewelmer’s boss JB, as Jacques Branellec is fondly called. Upon hearing of approaching bad weather in the coming days, he immediately offered to fly us around the pearl farm and neighboring islands. He had the two back doors of the […]

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Typhoon, Fishing, Capiz, and Manny Pacquiao

2 – 4 May 2009 N10 46.959 E119 26.645 Typhoon Crising went past the Western side of Occidental Mindoro, causing a downpour in Taytay, Palawan. These were unusual times, the locals said. The town fiesta on May 1-4 had always been graced with sunny weather and Amihan (or northeast tradewinds) in the past. Now the […]

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