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WWF CT Business Summit Photo Exhibition in Manila

19 – 20 January 2010 Sometime early November last year, we got an email from Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader to discuss an idea of having a photo exhibition of our expedition in Manila during the first WWF Coral Triangle Business Summit in January 2010. We knew this was going to be […]

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Singapore Slideshow!

If you happen to be in Singapore on October 27 with nothing to do at 7 pm, join us at the Botanical Gardens, as we shall be presenting our expedition so far through a 40-minute slideshow. Here’s WWF Singapore’s leaflet-invitation to announce the event!

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Live Reef Fish Trade and People of Pulau Mesa

20 August 2009 S8 31.758 E119 44.784 Mesa Island We got off our 12-day liveaboard on the Seven Seas and hired ourselves a local floating home named Merannu, or Bajo language for “happy.” We swung again from luxury to basic and as always, found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Now our aim was to photograph Komodo’s people […]

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Komodo Topside, the Pet Family and The Seven Seas

6 – 18 August 2009 We spent 12 wonderful days diving with the entire Pet family and their friends onboard The Seven Seas, a super luxurious dive live aboard operating all over the best sites of Indonesia. It was Lida Pet-Soede’s much awaited vacation and it was perfect to share this time with her. Lida […]

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The Different Marine Habitats of Komodo National Park

6 – 24 August 2009 It is very interesting that mangroves and seagrass beds do not hold as much tourist attraction as flamboyant coral reefs. Fair enough as coral reefs are magical and full of variety of shapes and animals. But there is beauty in each ecosystem – so much so that we have this […]

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Underwater Wilderness – Komodo National Park

6 – 22 August 2009 S8 27.213 E119 33.654 – achorage for Crystal & Castle Rock, North Komodo S8 47.133 E119 40.207 Horseshoe Bay Cannibal Rock, South Rinca S8 44.499 E119 25.217 Manta Alley, South Komodo S8 41.020 E119 33.978 Padar Island S8 26.339 E119 27.009 Batu Moncho, Beru Peninsula S8 08.647 E119 01.660 Pulau […]

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