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Indonesia - Jamursbamedi

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WWF CT Business Summit Photo Exhibition in Manila

19 – 20 January 2010 Sometime early November last year, we got an email from Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader to discuss an idea of having a photo exhibition of our expedition in Manila during the first WWF Coral Triangle Business Summit in January 2010. We knew this was going to be […]

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Singapore Slideshow!

If you happen to be in Singapore on October 27 with nothing to do at 7 pm, join us at the Botanical Gardens, as we shall be presenting our expedition so far through a 40-minute slideshow. Here’s WWF Singapore’s leaflet-invitation to announce the event!

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Mr. Linder

In the beginning of our journey, we knew part of this expedition was going to be about food. About eating. But it was far from our minds to eat well in Jamursbamedi. In fact, we thought we were going to survive on instant noodles or instant anything, as this was by far the most remote […]

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More Leatherback Turtles and Faces of Papuan Kids

24 – 29 July 2009 S0 21.590 E132 32.088 – Batu Rumah S0 21.556 E132 33.540 – Warmamedi For the next four nights, we consistently saw two leatherback turtles laying eggs. We didn’t have as many companions now as the first night, and we developed some sort of nightly ritual.  A long boat (dugout canoe […]

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Remote Expedition to West Papua, Indonesia

23 – 29 July 2009 S0 44.182 E131 34.905 – Um Island S0 21.590 E132 32.088 – Batu Rumah We have been planning this part of our expedition since before we left Australia for Asia four months ago. When we found out that WWF Indonesia had a project site for leatherback turtles, we zeroed in […]

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