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The Coral Triangle is the lifeblood of millions of people who depend on its abundant resources for food and livelihood.

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WWF CT Business Summit Photo Exhibition in Manila

19 – 20 January 2010 Sometime early November last year, we got an email from Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader to discuss an idea of having a photo exhibition of our expedition in Manila during the first WWF Coral Triangle Business Summit in January 2010. We knew this was going to be […]

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Coral Triangle Expedition Cover Stories

Happy makers like these go a long way in keeping us company during our travels from site to site, boat to boat, hotel room to hotel room all throughout the Coral Triangle. Please read all about The Jakarta Post Weekender Magazine cover story in Alya B. Honasan’s article Odyssey of Life. And another cover story […]

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WWF in Kei and Lebaran Hajj

24 – 28 November 2009 The leatherback conservation efforts in Kei is implemented by WWF-Indonesia through a local, community-based NGO (SIRaN) since 2003. In July this year, a one-man all around staff from WWF, Marthen Leuna aka Ateng, started his full time work here. There is much conservation work to do in Kei. We got […]

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Being with WWF in Wakatobi

2 – 12 November 2009 S5 19.868 E123 32.143 Wangi Wangi S5 29.700 E123 45.276 Kaledupa S5 43.145 E123 54.238 Tomia S6 00.667 E124 03.054 Binongko S6 07.930 E124 35.984 Moromaho S5 20.972 E124 21.073 Runduma S5 17.737 E124 17.605 Anano The hour we arrived in Wanci, we immediately had a meeting with WWF Indonesia […]

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Singapore Slideshow!

If you happen to be in Singapore on October 27 with nothing to do at 7 pm, join us at the Botanical Gardens, as we shall be presenting our expedition so far through a 40-minute slideshow. Here’s WWF Singapore’s leaflet-invitation to announce the event!

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Circle Hooks and De-Hookers

10 October 2009 This is the day Yogi turns 50! Happy half-a-century, Yogibear! It is also the day we learned about the circle hook and de-hooking tuna longline vessels’ by-catch. Hafizh Adyas of WWF Indonesia oversees the By-catch Programme, and Rudy Masuswo Purwoko, a Bitung fisheries teacher and former WWF onboard observer, trains the Nutrindo […]

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