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Singapore Slideshow!

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If you happen to be in Singapore on October 27 with nothing to do at 7 pm, join us at the Botanical Gardens, as we shall be presenting our expedition so far through a 40-minute slideshow. Here’s WWF Singapore’s leaflet-invitation to announce the event!

WWF Singapore Invitation600pixels

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  • http://www.marineencounters.com.au Linda and John Rumne

    If there were any way we could be there for your slide show, we would be there in a flash!. Best of luck and hope you have a great turn out! Thanks for keeping us to date with all the conservation work going on up there. Your photographs are brilliant as always, Yogi and we look forward to each blog, learning something new every time. Miss you guys heaps! xox Linda and John

  • Ola Lantz

    Fantastic slide-show/talk yesterday, amazing photos both under water and above! The work you do is so inspiring and for all it’s horrors I can’t help but to feel a hint of envy of the epic journey your undertaking!

  • CaT

    Enjoyed last night’s slideshow!!! Your enthusiasm & passion is heartwarming! Best wishes for the rest of the journey!

  • http://2ichigo2.multiply.com Seng Tat and Huiyu

    Enjoyed the slide show last night. It is really amazing and the stories told by u two really nice. Best wishes for the rest of the journey. Be careful out there in the water~

  • http://www.redang.org/forum tango

    Stella and Jurgen, thank you for taking time to share with us the wondering documentation of your first 9 months in the Coral Triangle. Really exceptional pictures.

    @Jurgen: you’re right about the people, it not just about the animals, the people are living beings as well and their “rice bowl” is something the ultra conservationists do forget at times. Sustainable fishing is definitely the way to preserve both man and animals in the cycle of life.

    @Stella, just a suggestion to consider producing a calender with nice pictures (less the gnarly ones, then again one or two to emphasis the destruction that goes on). With this calender, WWF or your goodselves can raise funds… I would buy a couple or even 10, these calender with the world-class pictures would make good Christmas or New Year presents and spread the good news about WWF work and marine conservation on the whole. I know WWF have calenders but just focusing on this one epic journey or at least the first half of it, cheers!

  • Stella Chiu-Freund

    Many Many thanks for such a great turnout during the slideshow! Almost 200 people! And thanks for taking the time to visit the blog and commenting.

    We would definitely like to make calendars and photo books, both about our journey and many children’s books. But that would be a little later. Next year perhaps. It’s in the grand plan.

    Right now, we just have to keep moving to continue this unprecedented expedition. We have finished with 7 months and have 8 months to go. The journey is indeed EPIC!